Creating an object database

The Object Data Manager is an advanced feature that is particularly useful as a project management tool when you create or supervise a large project. The Object Data Manager is like having a small spreadsheet program within your graphics program. Like Corel® Quattro® Pro or Microsoft Excel, it lets you track expenses, deadlines, assignments, progress, or anything else you need to organize. You can enter many types of data about individual objects or groups of objects.

The Object Database Manager is a powerful project management tool.

The Object Database Manager is a powerful project management tool.

You create the database by entering information about specific objects in the Object Data Docker. This information is set up on a datasheet called the Object Data Manager. Categories of information are organized in columns. If you're creating a technical drawing, for example, you might include component names in one column, part numbers in another, cost in a third, and so on. For each component in the drawing, you enter the same categories of information.

After you have created your database, you can view information on any object in either list or datasheet form. The Object Data Docker displays a list of all the information you've assigned; the Object Data Manager displays this information in a formatted datasheet that resembles a spreadsheet.

CorelDRAW also provides basic functions for formatting and manipulating the information you add to the database. For example, you can add and delete columns, indent rows to show hierarchical relationships, and summarize data for selected objects. You can print the entire database or only parts of it.

Using the Clipboard, you can copy data to different locations within the datasheet or between datasheets for different CorelDRAW documents. You can also use the Clipboard to copy data to and from other Windows database or spreadsheet programs, such as Corel Quattro Pro and Microsoft Excel.

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