Creating contoured objects

When you add contour lines to an object, you create lines that progress to the center, to the inside, or to the outside of an object. You can specify the number of evenly spaced lines contour lines that are added to the object, as well as the distance between these lines. However, when you're working with contours that progress to the center or to the inside of an object, the number of steps you set is limited by the offset and the size of the object. For example, if you set an offset value of 0.1 and a steps value of 3, CorelDRAW will add three contour lines spaced 0.1 inches apart inside the original object. If the object is too small to accommodate your settings, CorelDRAW inserts the maximum number of steps that fit between the object's outline and center.

You can also create a contour by copying or cloning a contoured object's settings to another object. By copying a contour, you transfer all contour-related settings to the other object; its outline and fill attributes remain unaffected. The two objects have no connection and can be edited independently.

When you clone a contour, you transfer all contour-related settings; its outline and fill attributes remain unaffected. However, changes made to the original contour (also called the master) are applied to the clone. In addition, you can't edit the clone's contour settings; any changes must be made to the master object.

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