Creating drop shadows

When you apply a drop shadow to an object, you create a linked group. The object to which you applied the drop shadow is the control object. Changes you make to the control object are reflected in the drop shadow. For example, if you change the size of the of the control object, the size drop shadow changes to reflect the control object's size. However, you can separate the drop shadow, which is a bitmap, and the control object to make them separate objects.

By copying or cloning, you can apply drop shadows to other objects. Copying a drop shadow transfers the drop shadow's attributes to another selected object. Cloning also transfers a drop shadow's attributes to a selected object;

however, changes made to the original drop shadow (also called the master) are applied to the clone. Additionally, you can't edit the cloned drop shadow's settings; any changes must be made to the master drop shadow.

If you don't like a drop shadow effect that you've added, you can remove it from the object. You can also remove the object and keep the drop shadow.

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