Creating Hyperlinks

In CorelDRAW, you can create hypergraphics that act as hyperlink navigation tools for your HTML documents. By creating hyperlinks, you can connect to any object in your document that is assigned a bookmark or to any document published on the Internet by using that document's Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

What is a hyperlink?

A text or graphical hyperlink (hypertext or hypergraphic) is used to jump to a specific address that's defined by a URL. In addition to the URL, a hypergraphic also consists of a hotspot. The hotspot is the area of the object that you can click to jump to the address specified by the object. It appears with a foreground cross-hatch pattern and a background fill pattern. You can change the colors of the cross-hatch pattern and the background fill. You can also set whether the hotspot follows the contour of the object, whether it is limited to the same areas as the object's fill, or whether the hotspot fills the object's entire bounding box.

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