Creating perspective

Perspective is created by shortening one or two sides of an object. For one-point perspective, you shorten one side of an object so that it appears to recede in one direction. By shortening two sides, you get two-point perspective in which the object appears to recede in two directions.

Once you add perspective to an object, you drag the nodes at the corners of the object's grid box to simulate the effect of one-point or two-point perspective.

As you drag a node, you'll notice an "X" (or two, if you're working with two-point perspective) that moves as the node moves. This symbol indicates the vanishing point. If you drag the node so that it meets another node or the vanishing point marker, the grid box reverts back to its original shape. You can also make adjustments to the perspective by dragging the vanishing point marker.

When you've created a perspective you like, you can copy and apply it to one or more objects in your drawing. You can copy perspective to any object you've created using CorelDRAW, except Paragraph text.

Removing the perspective effect from objects restores the object to its original state.

• You can add perspective to any object (or group of objects) you create using CorelDRAW, including Artistic text. However, you can't apply perspective to Paragraph text or bitmap images.

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