Customizing bullets

You can customize the appearance of a bullet by changing its size, position, and spacing.

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To change the bullet size

1 Select the Paragraph text frame or paragraph with the Text tool.

2 Click Text, Format Text.

3 Click the Effects tab.

4 Choose Bullet from the Effect Type list box.

5 Type a value in the Size box.

To raise or lower the position of a bullet

1 Follow steps 1 to 4 from the previous procedure.

2 Type a value in the Baseline Shift box.

Negative values lower the position of the bullet; positive values raise it.

To change the space between the bullet and text

1 Follow steps 1 and 2 from the "To change the bullet size" procedure.

2 Click the Align tab.

3 Type a value for the amount of space you want between the bullet and the text in the First Line box.

4 Type the same value that you specified in step 3 in the Left box.

The space between the frame and the text changes. As a result, the spacing between the bullet and the text changes.

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