Drawing And Shaping Objects

Once you have opened and formatted your drawing page, you are ready to start drawing. To create your drawing, you will need to know how to create geometrical shapes, straight lines, curves, and irregular shapes. This chapter describes how to use the basic drawing tools available in CorelDRAW for creating these types of objects.

The chapter also describes how to use the specialized drawing tools, such as the Natural Media. The Natural Media tool is a powerful drawing tool you use to apply different effects to a line. For example, you can use the tool in Brush mode to apply text or graphics to a curve. The Natural Media tool has five drawing modes: Preset, Brush, Object Sprayer, Calligraphic, and Pressure-sensitive.

As well as the Natural Media tool, CorelDRAW also has tools for creating dimension, connector, and flow line.

Once you have created a shape or line, you can move and shape the object to create the effect you want. Some types of objects, such as rectangles and ellipses, can only be shaped in specific ways. For example, you can round one or more corners of a square or create a pie-shape or arc from a circle. Lines and curves — including Natural Media strokes — can be formed into any shape by dragging the curve's nodes or moving the control lines.

If you want to make more extensive changes to a rectangle, ellipse, or polygon, you can convert the object to a curve. For example, you can create a trapezoid from a rectangle by converting the rectangle to a curve object and then dragging the corners using the Shape tool.

CorelDRAW provides drawing tools for drawing basic shapes, such as rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars, grids, and spirals. To draw a shape with one of these tools, drag diagonally in any direction until the shape is the size you want. For each tool, the Status Bar displays the dimensions of the shape as you draw it.

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