Drawing curves using the Object Sprayer

The Object Sprayer mode allows you to "spray" a series of objects along a curve. Besides graphic and text objects, you can import bitmaps and spray them along a curve. Of course, the more complex the object you want to spray, the more system resources you use, the longer CorelDRAW takes to produce the curve, and the larger your file size.

A series of objects "sprayed" along a curve using the Object Sprayer.

A series of objects "sprayed" along a curve using the Object Sprayer.

Longer Object

The Object Sprayer has a number of features that allow you to control how the spray appears on the curve. For example, you can adjust the spacing between the objects, vary the order of the objects in the curve, adjust the Sprayer to rotate the objects along the curve, and offset the objects from the curve you draw.

All settings are saved to a spraylist. If you make changes to a spraylist, you can either reset the spraylist to its saved settings, or save the new settings to the spraylist. You can choose to spray some or all the objects in the spraylist. The series of objects selected for the spray is referred to as the "playlist."

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