Drawing lines and curves

Besides the tools for drawing basic shapes, CorelDRAW also includes two tools for drawing simple lines and curves. These are the Freehand tool and the Bezier tool. Once you have drawn a line or curve, you can apply various effects using the Natural Media tool. For more information on the Natural Media tool, see "Drawing with the Natural Media tool" on page 107.

The same glass drawn using the Freehand (left), Bezier (center), and Natural Media tool (right).

The same glass drawn using the Freehand (left), Bezier (center), and Natural Media tool (right).

The Freehand tool lets you draw a line or curve by dragging the mouse cursor across the page like a pencil on paper. If the resulting curve is rougher than desired, you can smooth out the line by adjusting the Drawing settings or by editing the curve after you have drawn it. For more information, see "Shaping lines, curves, and curve objects" on page 117.

The Bezier tool lets you draw smooth, precise curves by placing nodes and adjusting the curvature of the line between the nodes. When you draw a line or curve using the Bezier tool, you place nodes by each click of the mouse. Each node is connected to the previous node by a segment. To control the curvature of the segment you are drawing, position the node's control points. The control points are black boxes connected to the node by dotted lines. By using control points and by placing each node individually, you can create precise lines and curves.

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