Editing blends

Editing blends lets you customize their appearance. You can manipulate a blend's intermediate objects and change its path. You can also work with the individual components of a blend by separating it.

You can edit blends by selecting changing the start and end objects of a blend. By reversing a blend's direction, the blend progresses from the end object to the start object. You can also split blends to create a compound blend or fuse the components of a compound blend to create a single blend. When you split a blend, the object you choose to split the blend becomes the end object for one component in the blend and the start object for the other.

When you blend an object along a path, you can select the path and apply the blend to new path. You can also remove a blend from its path. When you remove a blend from its path, the start and end objects remain stationary and the intermediate objects revert to their original, straight-line path.

You can separate a blend into four possible components: the start object, the end object, the intermediate objects, and the path (if the objects were blended along a path). You can also clear a blend by removing the intermediate objects and leaving the start and end objects.

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