Editing contoured objects

When you're working with a contoured object, you can change the fill and outline colors assigned to the concentric objects. You can also change the progression of colors between the original object's fill and outline colors and the final contour line's fill and outline colors. The color progression can follow a straight, clockwise, or counterclockwise path through the color spectrum.

When you apply contour lines to an object, the object becomes attached to these lines. In this state, all changes you make to the original object (e.g., shaping it) also affect the contour lines. By separating the original object from its contour lines, you can then make changes to the original object without altering the contour lines.

After you separate a contoured object, you are left with two units: the original object and its contour lines group. You can further separate the contour lines into a series of objects and edit them individually.

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