Editing lenses

When you're working with a lens, you may want to change how it perceives objects beneath it. You can change the viewpoint of a lens, determine if it displays white space, and freeze its contents.

By changing the viewpoint of a lens, you can display any portion of a drawing through the lens without moving it. The viewpoint represents the center point of what is being viewed through the lens. This point is indicated by an "X" in the Drawing Window. You can position the lens anywhere in the drawing, but it always shows the area around its viewpoint marker. For example, you can use the viewpoint marker on a Magnify lens to enlarge part of a map without obscuring any part of the map.

You can have CorelDRAW display a lens only where it overlaps other objects. As a result, the lens effect is not seen where the lens object covers blank space in the Drawing Window.

You can fix the contents of a lens by freezing it. You can then move the lens without changing what's displayed through the lens. Changes you make to the objects seen through the lens have no effect on the lens contents.

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