Embedding OLE objects

Embedding is a way of placing OLE objects in client applications.

You can create new OLE objects by launching applications from within CorelDRAW or you can insert already existing files into your documents. New objects are always embedded objects and cannot be linked.

To create a new OLE object

1 Click Edit, Insert New Object.

2 Choose the type of object you want to create from the Object Type list.

3 Enable the Display As Icon check box if you want to see just an icon for your file instead of the file contents.

4 Create your object once the server application is launched.

To embed an existing file

1 Click Edit, Insert New Object.

2 Enable the Create From File button.

3 Click the Browse button, and select the file you want to embed.

4 Click the Insert button.

5 Disable the Link check box.

To embed an object using the Clipboard

1 In the server application select the object you want to embed.

2 Click Edit, Copy.

3 In the client application, open the file in which you want to embed the object.

4 Click Edit, Paste.

To embed an object by dragging

1 In the client application, open the file that is to contain the embedded objects.

Make sure the server and client application windows are visible at the same time.

2 In the server application, select the objects you want to embed.

3 Drag the selected objects into the client application file.

Simply dragging deletes the object from the server application and moves it to the client application. If you want to copy the object, hold down CTRL then drag the object.

• To return to CorelDRAW after editing an OLE object, click in the Drawing window of your CorelDRAW document.

• If you enable the Display As Icon check box, the server application is launched outside of CorelDRAW instead of within CorelDRAW.

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