Erasing portions of an object

The Eraser tool removes portions of selected objects that you drag it over, and closes any affected paths.You can change the size and shape of the eraser nib to suit your purposes.

To erase portions of an object

K I Select the object with the Pick tool. #J 2 Open the Shape Edit flyout, and click the Eraser tool. 3 Drag the eraser over the object.

To create a hole in an object

1 Follow steps 1 and 2 from the above procedure.

2 Double-click anywhere on the object.

To erase portions of an object in straight lines

1 Follow steps 1 and 2 from the "To erase portions of an object" procedure.

2 Click once on the object at the point where you want to begin to erase.

3 Release the mouse, hold down TAB, and click again where you want to stop erasing.

Hold down CTRL if you also want to constrain the line.

To change the size of the Eraser nib hm • Type a value in the Eraser Thickness box on the Property Bar and press ENTER.

• The Eraser tool automatically reduces the number of nodes on a curve it is erasing, but you can change this by disabling the Auto-Reduce On Erase button on the Property Bar.

• As soon as you use the Eraser tool on an object, it becomes a curve object.

• You can click the Circle/Square button on the Property Bar to toggle between a circle or square nib shape.

• Holding down ESC while erasing part of an object with the Eraser tool will undo the operation and return the cursor to the beginning, leaving the object intact. This will only work if you have not yet released the mouse to finish erasing.

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