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The large white portion of the CorelDRAW Application Window is the Drawing Window. The rectangle in the center with the drop shadow is the Drawing Page. Usually, only the part of your drawing that falls within the Drawing Page is printed. You can use the remaining space, called the Desktop layer, in the Drawing Window to keep your tools and pieces of your drawing handy. For more information about the Desktop layer, see "Using layers to organize your drawing" on page 193.

The CorelDRAW Toolbox contains tools for creating, filling, and modifying objects interactively. The drawing tools let you design a variety of objects for your drawing, and the shaping tools let you modify your drawing. The Toolbox also contains tools that let you apply a number of effects interactively.

Futhermore, the Toolbox contains flyouts which are toolbars that are accessible through one tool in the Toolbox. A small black arrow at the bottom right corner of a tool indicates that it is a flyout grouped with other tools. You can separate flyouts from the Toolbox to display them as separate toolbars.

The toolbars contain buttons that represent commands. Some are shortcuts to menu commands; others are commands that are available only as toolbar buttons.

The Property Bar, whose appearance is similar to a toolbar, provides you with quick access to frequently used functions that are relevant to the active tool or the task you're currently performing. For example, when you click the Text tool, the Property Bar contains only text-related commands.

A Docker window contains the same type of controls as a dialog box, such as command buttons, options, and list boxes. However, unlike most dialog boxes, you can keep Docker windows open while working on a document to access the operations you use most frequently, or to experiment with different effects. Docker windows can be docked to any edge of the Application window, or you can undock them. Furthermore, you can minimize Docker windows so they don't use up valuable screen real estate.

With CorelDRAW you have the ability to create multiple workspaces. A workspace is a configuration of settings you specify which you can save and reapply. If several people are using a single version of CorelDRAW, or if you find you need different settings for different tasks, you can use workspaces to save the settings for each user or task.

• The toolbars are optimized for 800 x 600 resolution. If you are working at a lower resolution, portions of toolbars may appear cut off.

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