Extruding objects

Applying extrusions gives a two-dimensional object the illusion of depth. There are two types of extrusions — vector and bitmap.

For vector extrusions, CorelDRAW projects points from the object and joins them to create extruded surfaces. These surfaces are projected toward a vanishing point, adding depth to the original object so that it appears three-dimensional. However, the vanishing points for Back Parallel and Front Parallel extrusions are infinite, therefore the extruded surfaces can never converge.

After you've created a vector extrusion, you can edit it, apply fills to all or various extruded surfaces, and add light sources to enhance the effect of the extrusion.

You can also apply bitmap extrusions to objects you create in CorelDRAW. Applying bitmap extrusions lets you work with objects in three dimensions. Once you've created a bitmap extrusion, you can apply bevels, Ambient and Point lights, and texture fills. By rendering bitmap extrusions, CorelDRAW creates a two-dimensional bitmap.

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