Formatting Paragraph text

Formatting Paragraph text makes it more readable and effective. You can add columns, tabs, indents, bullets, and drop caps. You can also change the vertical and horizontal alignment, and automatically hyphenate text.

• Paragraph text frames are also referred to as "frames."

Adding columns to Paragraph text frames

Columns are an effective way to lay out text-intensive documents, such as newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. You can create columns of equal or varying widths and gutters. When you add, edit, or delete columns, you can maintain the width of the Paragraph text frame and resize the columns or you can maintain the width of the columns and resize the frame.

• When you import text with column formatting, CorelDRAW maintains the column formatting.

• You can change the vertical alignment of text in columns. For more information, see "Aligning Paragraph text vertically" on page 367.

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