Formatting text

There are formatting properties you can apply to Artistic text and Paragraph text. You can adjust the spacing between characters, words, and lines, as well as enhance text by shifting and rotating characters.

• You can customize toolbars by adding buttons for the commands and options you use most frequently. For more information, see "Customizing toolbars" on page 804.

You may want to enhance Artistic text and Paragraph text by modifying its character properties, applying lines to text, and changing the text case. You can change the font type and size of text, and apply bold and italic formatting.

You can accent text by underlining and overscoring (placing a line above the text) it. The strikethrough feature lets you indicate text you may want to remove. By changing the line properties of underlines, overscores, and strikethroughs, you can further emphasize text.

If your document includes scientific notation, you can make text subscript or superscript. You also can change the case of text. For example, you can change lowercase text to title case without deleting or replacing characters.

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