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For example, the Corel PHOTO-PAINT native file format is .CPT. CorelDRAW has two native file formats: .CDR and .CMX. These are different from generic formats, like .TXT, which are not associated with any specific application.

Color depth

Color depth (also called bit depth) refers to the number of colors that can be supported in a file. To determine the number of color values a given bit depth can produce calculate 2 raised to the power of the bit depth. For example, an 8-bit depth produces 2 to the power of 8, or 256, colors. A grayscale image is an 8-bit file, with 256 increments between black and white. Files that support a higher color depth are larger.

When you save or export a file, you can often specify the image's color depth. If you have only a few colors in your original image, saving to a higher color depth (e.g., 16 color to 256 color) should produce an image whose colors are very similar to the original image. However, if your original image has many colors, and you convert it to a lower color depth (e.g., 24-bit color to 256-color), the file creates a palette of colors and uses combinations of these colors to simulate the original color in the image. The colors in the palette depend on the colors in the original image.

Different applications support different color depths. As well, some file formats support only certain numbers of colors. When choosing a file format to use when saving a file, you should consider any color limitations of the file format and the application you'll be using with the file. For example, the .GIF format, used commonly for Internet graphics, only supports up to 256 colors. The native Corel file formats (.CDR, .CMX, .CPT) support all color depths.

• Whenever you are exchanging information with another application, ensure that you have the correct filter installed. When you custom install your Corel application, make sure you add the filter you need to the list of active filters.

• A file format that supports a large number of colors may not necessarily support all color depths that are below its maximum bit depth. For example, a format may support 24-bit color, but not black and white.

• Sort Type, Default does not sort file extensions. It is a order read from an INI file.

Import/Export filters

To move files from one program to another you often have to convert the files to a format that the receiving program can read. Import/Export filters are programs that do such conversions. For example, to import a CorelDRAW image into Corel PHOTO-PAINT, the image must be converted from a vector file into bitmap format. When you select a file format in the Export dialog box of CorelDRAW, you are automatically activating the appropriate filter program to take care of the translation.

Corel applications contain filters for the file formats that you can import and export. Some example of filters provided with Corel applications are .TIF, .GIF. and .BMP.

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