Inserting Internet objects

CorelDRAW provides you with a set of Internet objects, such as radio buttons and check boxes, with their functions already specified. All Internet objects in your Web document are placed above all other objects on the Internet layer. The Internet layer is generated automatically when you create an Internet object. Graphical objects to which you assign URLs reside on the graphics layers. For more information about URLs see "Creating Hyperlinks" on page 665.

Using Internet objects you can design Web documents quickly.

Using Internet objects you can design Web documents quickly.

You can customize Internet objects and place them anywhere in your drawing as long as they don't overlap one another. If they do intersect or overlap, they will be combined and treated as one large bitmap image. Leaving space around Internet objects helps to ensure that these will function correctly in a browser and helps to keep the appearance of your document clean and attractive. However, Internet objects can overlap non-Internet objects in your drawing because non-Internet objects reside on regular graphics layers.

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