Lineending shapes

You can create your arrowhead or other line-ending shape. New arrows appear on the Property Bar, at the bottom of the arrowhead list in the Outline Pen dialog box.

1 Select a line or curve with the Pick tool.

2 Open the Outline Tool flyout, and click Outline Pen Dialog.


The arrow you create can be any size — you can adjust the size later using the Edit Arrowhead dialog box. The number of arrowheads is limited to 100. If you already have this many and want to create new ones, you must first delete some of the existing ones. If the arrowhead consists of more than one object, you must combine all objects using the Combine or Weld command.

To create arrowheads and other line-ending shapes using the Create Arrow command

1 Draw an arrowhead.

The arrowhead shape assumes the fill and outline attributes of the line to which it is applied.

K 2 Click the arrowhead shape with the Pick tool.

3 Click Tools, Create, Arrow.

The new arrowhead appears at the bottom of the Arrowhead selector.

To create arrowheads using the Outline Pen dialog box

¿S I Open the Outline Tool flyout, and click Outline Pen Dialog.

2 In the arrowhead section, click Options, New.

3 Drag the side handles along the arrowhead's box to stretch vertically or horizontally, or drag the corner handles to change the size of the arrowhead.

4 Drag the hollow nodes along the arrowhead's outline.

• To get a closer view of the arrowhead, enable the 4X Zoom check box.

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