Linking frames and objects on different pages

You can link Paragraph text frames and objects that on different pages.

Linking Paragraph text frames across pages.

To link frames on different pages

1 Select the starting frame with the Pick tool.

2 Click the U text flow tab at the bottom of the Paragraph text frame. If there is too much text in the frame, the tab contains an arrow ® .

3 Using the Navigator, click the Page tab that contains the second frame.

4 Select the frame into which you want to continue the text flow.

The W text flow tab and a dashed blue line indicate that the frame is linked. The page number to which the frame is linked also appears.

To link a frame to an object on a different page

1 Using the Pick tool, select the frame from which you want the text to flow.

2 Follow steps 2 and 3 from the previous procedure.

3 Select the object into which you want to continue the text flow.

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