Linking OLE objects

Linking is a way of placing OLE objects in client applications. Linking is most useful when you want to use the same OLE object several times in the same file or in many different files. To change every instance of the OLE object, you only have to change the source file.

To insert a linked OLE object into a file

1 Click Edit, Insert New Object.

2 Enable the Create From File button.

3 Click the Browse button, and choose the file you want to link.

4 Click the Insert button.

5 Enable the Link check box.

6 Enable the Display As Icon check box if you want the OLE object to appear as an icon instead of as it appears in the source file.

To link an object using the Clipboard

1 In the server application select the objects you want to link (make sure the file is saved first).

2 Click Edit, Copy.

3 In the client application, open the file that is to contain the linked objects.

4 Click Edit, Paste Special.

5 Enable the Paste Link button.

To link an object by dragging

1 In the client application, open the file that is to contain the linked objects.

Make sure the server application and client application windows are visible at the same time.

2 In the server application, select the objects you want to link.

3 Drag the selected objects to the open file window in the client application.

4 Hold down CTRL + SHIFT, then release the mouse.

• With some applications, if you drag using the right mouse button, a menu offering several options appears before the object is placed.

• You might choose to insert a new OLE object as an icon if you want to let people open the source file from the client application without actually displaying the source file.

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