Linking Paragraph text frames

Linking Paragraph text frames directs the flow of text from one frame to the other, if the amount of text exceeds the original frame. When you shrink or enlarge a linked frame, or change the size of the text, the amount of text in the next frame adjusts automatically. You can remove links or change the direction of flow.

You can also link a frame to an open or closed path object. When you link a frame to an open path (i.e., a line), the text flows onto the line. When you link a frame to an object with a closed path (e.g., a rectangle), a Paragraph text frame is inserted and the text flows inside the object. You can also link to frames and objects across pages. When the linked frame is on a different page, the page number appears beside the blue arrow.

You can change your settings so that Paragraph text formatting is applied to all linked frames, selected frames, or all selected and subsequently created frames.

After linking frames, you can redirect the flow. By selecting the frame or object, a blue arrow indicates the direction of the text flow. (You can change your settings to hide and display direction arrows.) When you're changing the flow, it's important to remember that text flows from the bottom of the frame or object. Therefore, you must select the bottom W text flow tab of the frame or object whose text flow you want to change, then select the frame or object into which you want the flow to continue.

You can also remove the link. When you have only two linked frames and you remove the link, the text flows into the remaining frame. When you remove a link between frames or objects and you have a series of links, the text flows into the next frame or object.

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