Maintaining OPI and DCS links

Open Prepress Interface (OPI) lets you use low-resolution images as placeholders for the high-resolution images that appear in the final work. To use OPI links, you must enable the Link To High Resolution File For Output using the OPI check box when importing the .TIF (or .CT) files, unless you are using a .EPS file as a placeholder. These images become known as OPI images. When the service bureau receives the print file, the OPI server substitutes the high-resolution images for the low-resolution images. If there are no OPI images in the file, the Maintain OPI Links option is not available at print time.

When you import the bitmaps correctly, the Maintain OPI Links option is enabled automatically. To proof a file that contains OPI images on a device that does not have the high-resolution files (for example, the desktop printing device), disable the Maintain OPI Links option.

The service bureau may also send you a Desktop Color Separation (DCS) file to act as the low-resolution placeholder. If they do this, make sure you find out whether the service bureau wants you to let them resolve the DCS links. If they want to resolve the links themselves, then you must disable the Resolve DCS Links setting.

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