Managing Paragraph text frames

Managing Paragraph text frames helps you use them more effectively. CorelDRAW treats frames similarly to other objects in a drawing, so you can size and move a frame like any object. Fitting text to a frame, increases or decreases the point size of text so that it fits the frame exactly. You can hide and show the frame outline, specify the minimum number of characters in a line, as well as hide and show spacing arrows. You can hide spacing arrows if you don't plan to adjust the spacing between words, characters, and lines of text.

You can break frames apart to create paragraphs in separate frames. You can continue to break frames apart to the character level. You can also combine frames. When working with Paragraph text, you can drag text out of a frame to create a new frame.

By inserting Paragraph text frames inside graphic objects, you can use objects as containers for text and change the shape of frames. Inserting a frame inside an object positions the frame inside of the object's outline. You can also separate a frame from an object and the frame will retain the shape of the object. You can also change the shape of text by wrapping frames around objects. Additionally, you can wrap Paragraph text around Artistic text and Paragraph text frames. You can wrap text using contour or square wrapping styles. The contour wrapping styles follow the curve of the object. The square wrapping styles following the bounding box of the object. Furthermore, you can link frames to direct the flow of text between frames.

• Paragraph text frames are also referred to as "frames."

Sizing Paragraph text frames

You can size a Paragraph text frame independent of its text, or you can size a frame and its text together.

Sizing a Paragraph text frame.

Sizing a Paragraph text frame.

Frames Corel

To increase or decrease the frame size independent of its text

1 Using the Pick tool, click anywhere in or on the border of the frame.

2 Drag any selection handle outward to increase, or inward to decrease the size of the frame.

To size Paragraph text and its frame

1 Click Tools, Options.

2 In the list of categories, double-click Text, and click Paragraph.

3 Disable the Expand And Shrink Paragraph Text Frames To Fit Text check box.

4 Click OK.

5 Click anywhere in or on the border of a Paragraph text frame with the Pick tool.

6 Hold down ALT, and drag one of the corner selection handles to resize the frame and the text simultaneously.

The text maintains the shape of the original font, but the font size changes.

• To size a frame with columns of varying widths, you must drag the side selection handles to resize the frame. Dragging the frame border adjusts the width of that column.

f^ • If you're resizing the frame with the Text tool, you can also drag the frame border to resize the frame.

• You can also use the Pick tool to resize a frame.

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