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CorelDRAW provides powerful tools for arranging and organizing objects in your drawings. You can accomplish tasks that range from simple operations like copying, grouping, and combining objects, to more advanced operations, such as using the Object Manager to organize an entire document.

You can control the vertical order of objects in a drawing, and align or distribute objects on the page. The object arrangement tools can help you expand the scope of your creativity and increase your efficiency.

This chapter also provides information on finding and replacing object and text properties, grouping and ungrouping objects, duplicating and cloning objects, and using layers to organize your drawing.

For people in charge of creating or supervising large projects, there is also a section on using the Object Data Manager. The Object Data Manager is an advanced feature of CorelDRAW that helps you track expenses, deadlines, assignments, progress and other project-related tasks you need to organize.

CorelDRAW gives you the freedom and flexibility to experiment and be creative without worrying about permanently altering your drawings or having to start over. If you make a change to your document, then wish you hadn't, you can undo the change.

You can:

• undo the last few actions performed

• change the number of undo levels, up to a number limited only by your system's memory configuration

• undo a series of changes from a chosen point, and redo them if you choose — regardless of how many times you have already saved your

• undo all changes since you last saved, and revert to the last saved version of your drawing

• repeat commands and copy object properties from one object to

The ability to repeat commands and copy object properties means you can apply the same properties to several objects without having to recreate them each time.

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