Printing color separations

When printing color separations to a file, you can create a .PRN file that includes all separations, one separation only, or any combination of separations, depending on the complexity of the print job.

Generally, you should be able to save all color separation information in one .PS file. However, if the print job contains special effects and several color separations (for example, CMYK and a number of spot colors), saving all color separation information in one .PS file may result in an unacceptably large file. In this case, create a .PS file for each separation. Include the separation name in the filename for easier file identification.

When printing color separations, you can produce a sheet of paper or film even when there is nothing on it (for example, there may be only yellow and black on a page but the cyan and magenta plates are printed anyway). Usually, you would leave this option disabled to avoid wasting costly film. However, there may be instances when you want to force plates that are blank to print.

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