Printing cropfold marks and registration marks

Crop/fold marks are printed at the corners of the page and represent the size of the paper. Crop/fold marks can be used as guides for trimming the paper.

If you are printing multiple pages per sheet (for example, two rows by two columns) you can enable the Exterior Only option to print the crop/fold marks on the outside edge of the page. Enabling this feature ensures that all crop/fold marks are removed after the cropping process. If you disable this option, crop marks are placed around each row and column.

Registration marks print on each sheet of a color separation. Registration marks are required to line up the film for proofing the printing plates on a color press. For more information, see "Creating color separations" on page 729. You can select from several different registration mark styles.

To see crop marks and registration marks, the paper you are printing on must be larger by 0.5 inches on all sides, than the page size of the document you are printing.

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