Printing to a file

Printing to a file is required when you want to send the .PRN or .PS file to a service bureau to be printed on an imagesetter. The Print To File feature lets you choose between sending a file to a Macintosh system, sending a single file, sending pages as separate files, or sending plates as separate files.

If you choose Pages To Separate Files, each page of a Corel document is printed as an individual file. If you choose Plates To Separate Files, each plate is printed as an individual file. Make sure you select the appropriate printing device driver when you print to file, and consider the following:

• When you are preparing a file for printing on an imagesetter or a platesetter, the page size of the print job (that is, the size of the film or plate on which the document is imaged) must be larger than the page size of the document to allow for printers' marks.

• If you are printing to a PostScript 2 or 3 printing device, you can make the print job smaller by using JPEG compression to compress bitmaps.

• If your PostScript file is to be trapped or imposed by a service bureau, the .PS file must conform to the Document Structuring Convention (DSC). In this case, enable the Conform To DSC setting. If you are unsure about which settings to choose, consult the service bureau.

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