Publishing PDF objects

File size plays an important role in the publishing of a PDF file. Adjusting file size can speed up the management and printing of a file. The Publish To PDF feature lets you change attributes for bitmaps, text, and fonts in a document. You can reduce file size by compressing bitmaps using JPEG or LZW compression and downsampling color, grayscale, or monochrome bitmaps. You can export text as curves or compress text. Exporting text as curves generally increases file size, while compressing text decreases file size.

Fonts can also be changed in a PDF file. You can convert True Type fonts to Type 1 and subset Type 1 fonts. Converting True Type to Type 1 fonts increases file size, while subsetting Type 1 fonts can decrease file size. You can also choose to include the base 14 fonts. Base 14 fonts are guaranteed to be available with Acrobat Exchange and Acrobat Reader.

You can also choose to export a PDF file as an ASCII 85 file or a binary file.

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