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PDF is a file format designed to preserve fonts, images, graphics, and formatting of an original application file. Using Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Exchange, a PDF file can be viewed, shared, and printed by PC, Unix, and Macintosh users. It can also be placed on an Intranet or the World Wide Web.

You can use preset PDF Styles to create or publish documents for general document delivery, prepress, and the World Wide Web. You can also create, delete, and edit custom PDF styles.

The Publish To PDF feature lets you adjust a PDF file by using bitmap compression, embedding fonts, and compressing text. For more information, see "Publishing PDF objects" on page 777. For information about preserving object information and setting color profiles in a PDF file, see "Setting image options" on page 782.

You can generate a job ticket using the Portable Job Ticket Format specification. A job ticket lets you view, share, or print a PDF file on any platform. For information about generating a job ticket, see "Job ticketing" on page 776.

CorelDRAW PDF capabilities work seamlessly with Adobe Acrobat.

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