Publishing your document to the Internet

CorelDRAW documents that are published in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) format appear identical to the source document when viewed in Web browsers. CorelDRAW assigns the extension .HTM to documents you publish in the HTML format. By default, .HTM files share the same name as the CorelDRAW .CDR source file and are saved in the last folder you used to place exported Web documents.

To publish a document

1 Click File, Publish To Internet.

2 Click the Use Internet Dialog button.

3 Choose one of the following from the HTML layout list: • HTML Table

• Single Image with Image Map

4 Choose the folder in which you want to save your published HTML document from the HTML Folder list box. You can also click the Browse button to choose a different folder.

5 Do one the following to specify the location of the images:

• Disable the Use HTML Name check box and specify the name of the folder in which you want to save the bitmaps in your document.

• Enable the Use HTML Name check box.

6 Click the Export All Pages button if you want to export all of the pages in a multipage Web document.

You can also enable individual check boxes to export specific pages.

7 Enable the Replace Existing Files check box if you want CorelDRAW to automatically overwrite existing files with the corresponding files you've updated. If you don't enable the Replace Existing Files check box, CorelDRAW will ask for permission before overwriting any existing files.

8 Enable the View Page In Browser check box if you want to start your browser and verify the page.

9 Enable the Statistics Page checkbox if you want to generate a document listing the page information.

• You can edit the title and filename of each page in your Web document in the Page List section of the Publish To Internet dialog box.

• On the Publish To Internet page, in the HTML Layout section, Layers and Styles create simpler and smaller files than the HTML Tables option. However, if you want your document to be compatible with most Web browsers, select the HTML Tables option.

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