Replacing passive sentences with active sentences

You can enable the passive voice grammar rule and replace passive sentences with active sentences. When a passive sentence doesn't contain a subject, you can add the subject for Grammatik to use in the replacement sentence.

To enable the passive voice rule

1 Click Text, Writing Tools, Grammatik.

2 Click the Options button, and click Checking Styles.

3 Click the Edit button.

4 Enable the Passive Voice check box in the Rule classes list.

5 Click one of the following:

• Save — edits the grammar checking style

• Save As — creates a grammar checking style

To replace a passive sentence with an active sentence

1 Select the text with the Pick tool.

2 Click Text, Writing Tools, Grammatik.

3 Choose Document from the Check list box.

4 Choose the replacement text from the Replacement box.

5 Click the Replace button.

To specify a subject

1 Follow steps 1 to 3 from the previous procedure.

2 Double-click <Subject> in the Replacements box.

3 Type a subject in the New Subject box.

4 Click OK.

5 Click the Replace button.

• Grammatik flags passive sentences when the Passive Voice rule is enabled. For more information about rules, see "Creating and editing grammar checking styles" on page 410.

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