Resampling bitmaps

You can resample bitmaps in two ways: by resizing it or by changing its resolution. Resolution is the amount of detail and information an image file contains. When you work with bitmaps, resolution affects both the quality of the final output and the file size.

You can resize the bitmap using absolute or percentage values. You can resize a bitmap while maintaining its original proportions. It is best to adjust bitmap width or height separately. In fact, if you want to maintain the integrity of the bitmap, you should never increase its size.

You can change the resolution of a bitmap in one of three ways: by changing the horizontal and vertical bitmap resolution, by choosing the processing quality of the resampled bitmap, or by correcting bitmap distortion when you resample.

To resample by changing the size of a bitmap

1 Select the object with the Pick tool.

2 Click Bitmaps, Resample.

3 Choose a unit of measurement from the Units list box.

4 In the Image Size section, type values in the Width and Height boxes.

To resample by changing the resolution of a bitmap

1 Follow steps 1 and 2 from the previous procedure.

2 Enable the Maintain Original Size check box.

3 Disable the Maintain Aspect Ratio and the Identical Values check boxes to enter different values for the Resolution.

4 In the Resolution section, type values in the Horizontal and Vertical boxes.

If you enable the Maintain Aspect Ratio check box, typing one value adjusts the other value automatically.

5 Enable the Anti-Alias check box to produce a smoother bitmap.

¿r^s" • You can also resample a bitmap by clicking the Resamples the Bitmap button on the Property Bar.

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