Rotating objects with precision

You can rotate an object by a specific number of degrees for extra precision. You can also rotate an object around a point relative to its current position.

To rotate an object with precision using the Transformation Docker

1 Select the object with the Pick tool.

2 Click Arrange, Transformation, and click the Rotation button.

3 Disable the Relative Center check box in the Transformation Docker.

4 Type values in the Rotation H (horizontal) and V (vertical) boxes to specify the coordinates around which you want to rotate the object.

5 Type a value in the Rotation Angle box.

6 Click the Apply button.

• You can also rotate an object precisely by selecting it with the Pick tool and typing a new value in the Angle Of Rotation box on the Property Bar.

• A positive value in the Rotation Angle box rotates the object counterclockwise; a negative value rotates it clockwise from its current position.

• You can also rotate the object around any of its selection handles. For more information, see "Setting the center of rotation with precision" on page 285.

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