Rotating objects

Like the other transformation tools, the rotation tools are flexible and easy to use. You can rotate an object around any point in your illustration in a variety of ways.

Dragging an object's rotation handles with the mouse is a simple and quick way to rotate it. By dragging one of the rotation handles in circular motions, you can rotate an object around its current position interactively while viewing the changes you make on-screen.

If you use the Free Rotation tool to rotate an object instead, you can set the center of rotation with a click of the mouse. When you start to drag the mouse, an outline of the object and a line of rotation — a dashed blue line that extends beyond the Drawing Page — appear. The line of rotation indicates the angle at which you are rotating the object from the center of rotation. The object's outline allows you to preview the effects of the rotation.

There are also tools that allow you to rotate objects more precisely. You can pivot an object by a precise amount around its center of rotation, or rotate it around a different coordinate in your illustration.

By default, an object always rotates around its center of rotation. You can move the center of rotation to any location in your drawing. You can also reset the center of rotation.

The Free Rotation tool lets you quickly rotate an object

Rotating Object

around any point in the Drawing Window.

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