Saving the processed palette

After you create and customize a palette for your conversion, you can save it as a custom palette file (.CPL) for use with other applications.

To save the processed palette

1 Click Bitmaps, Mode, Paletted (8-bit).

2 In the Convert To Paletted dialog box, choose a palette and set conversion and range sensitivity options.

3 Click the Processed Palette tab to view the colors in your palette.

4 Click the Save button.

5 In the Save Palette As dialog box, choose the drive where you want to store your palette from the Save In box.

6 Double-click the folder where you want to store your palette.

7 Type a name in the File Name box.

8 Click Save.

• For more information about converting an image to the Paletted color mode, see "Converting to Paletted color mode" on page 578 and "Specifying range sensitivity for the paletted image" on page 580.

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