Scaling objects with precision

Scaling changes an object's dimensions by a specified percentage. For example, a value of 100% leaves the object unchanged; 200% doubles the size of the object; and 50% reduces its size by half.

You can scale by a horizontal or a vertical factor. When you use the Transformation Docker, you can also maintain the aspect ratio.

To scale an object using the Transformation Docker

1 Select the object with the Pick tool.

2 Click Arrange, Transformation, and click the Scale And Mirror button.

3 Type percentage values in the Scale H (horizontal) and V (vertical) boxes.

4 Click the Apply button.

• By default, CorelDRAW scales an object from its center.

• You can also scale an object precisely by selecting it with the Pick tool and entering new values in the Scale Factor boxes on the Property Bar.

To maintain the aspect ratio while scaling using the Transformation Docker

1 Follow steps 1 and 2 from the previous procedure.

2 Disable the Non-proportional check box.

3 Type a percentage value in the Scale H (horizontal) or V (vertical) box.

As you change one value, the other value changes automatically to maintain the original proportions of the object. If you type different values in the H and V boxes, CorelDRAW uses the last number you typed as the scale factor.

• When you scale an object by enabling the Non-proportional check box in the Transformation Docker, CorelDRAW lets you enter values in the H (horizontal) or V (vertical) boxes that change the object's original proportions, creating a new ratio between the two values. If you then disable the check box to rescale the object, CorelDRAW will scale it again based on the new, nonproportional values you just entered. Therefore, if you scale an object, then decide you want to scale it again based on its original proportions, you must disable the Non-proportional check box and re-enter the original proportional values.

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