Selecting Paragraph and Artistic text

You can select characters or paragraphs within a line of Artistic text or a Paragraph text frame. You can also select text with the Shape tool to manipulate characters individually.

Selection handles and a center X appear when you select text.


To select specific characters

1 Click the Text tool.

2 Click at the beginning or end of a word or sentence in the Artistic text or Paragraph text frame.

3 Drag the cursor across the text you want to select.

To select a whole text object

1 Click the Text tool.

2 Click the text object.

• When you're changing the font of the whole text object, you need to select the text with the Pick tool.

J^s • Select multiple text objects by holding down SHIFT as you click with the Text tool.

• You can also select whole text objects using the Pick tool.

To select single characters

1 Open the Shape Edit flyout, and click the Shape tool.

2 Select the text.

Character nodes appear next to each character.

3 Click the node to the left of a character to select it.

Select multiple nodes by holding down SHIFT as you click with the Shape tool.

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