Setting bitmap font options

Bitmap versions of TrueType fonts look better in small point sizes and print faster than regular fonts. Because bitmap fonts consume a lot of PostScript memory, you may need to limit the number of bitmap fonts in a print job to avoid a PostScript printing error.

A bitmap version of a font is created in a PostScript printing device's memory if the font meets the following criteria:

• The printed character size is no larger than the bitmap font size threshold. The default is 75 pixels, which corresponds to 18 points at 300 dpi, 9 points at 600 dpi, and 4.5 points at 1200 dpi. You can change the bitmap font size threshold (see below.)

• The text is not scaled or skewed.

• The text does not have an outline or a fill other than a uniform fill.

• The text does not have any applied nonlinear transformations.

• The document is not being printed using the Sizing options or Fit To Page option in the Print dialog box.

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