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When you're creating text, you can change the settings. You can change the appearance of text on-screen and adjust the increment used to change the font size through the keypad. You can also specify a text unit of measurement, change how CorelDRAW displays fonts and symbols, and change the Clipboard settings.

Greeking text increases the redraw speed by representing text with lines. You specify the maximum text size, and text below that value is greeked. Make text readable again by reducing the greeking value or by using Zoom. Greeking does not affect the printed text.

You can also change the on-screen appearance of text by smoothing characters. Anti-aliasing fills jagged pixels with intermediate color or shades of gray to increase clarity.

You can can increase or decrease the text point size using the keypad. By default, the size changes by increments of one point. You can change the default point size setting.

By default, the setting for text units of measurement is points. You can change this setting for the current and all subsequent documents you create.

When you're creating text, you can change how CorelDRAW displays fonts and symbols. For example, you can display only fonts used in the active document or display only TrueType symbols. You can also determine what nonprinting characters CorelDRAW displays in the Drawing Window and the Edit Text dialog box.

Changing the Clipboard settings affects how CorelDRAW transfers text to the Clipboard. You can specify whether text is copied or cut to the Clipboard as text or as curves. You can also specify whether calligraphic pen outlines transfer to the Clipboard or export using any of the vector graphics export filters. However, some export filters retain calligraphic outlines regardless of the setting selected.

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