Setting the default page size for multipage documents

CorelDRAW provides an array of preset page sizes to choose from, including standard North American and European sizes, and it also lets you create your own custom page sizes. You can use these settings to design a wide variety of publications, from small Internet graphics to newsletters or giant posters.

In a multipage document, the page size you assign anywhere in your document becomes the default size for all pages. Any new pages you add to the document later are automatically assigned the same default page size.

However, you can give individual pages a custom size within a multipage document without affecting other pages that are using the default. For instance, you can have a 10-page document containing letter-size pages; any pages you add to the document will assume the default page size (letter). But if you wish, you can change page two, or six, or any other individual page, to a different size — legal, for instance — without affecting the rest of the document.

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