Setting the layout style

CorelDRAW offers layouts for single-page documents as well as standard multipage publications like booklets and pamphlets. You work with the pages in sequential order on screen, and when you are ready to print them CorelDRAW automatically arranges them in the order required for printing and binding.

For example, if you create a four-page newsletter using standard letter-size pages, you will work with the pages upright and in sequential order. However, the printer will need to work with printer spreads. In this example, printer spreads require that pages two and three be facing pages, while pages one and four are also facing pages. These sets of facing pages are printed on opposite sides of one tabloid-size sheet of paper, which is then folded in half to create the newsletter. But while you are still creating the newsletter, you can work with the pages one by one, upright and in sequential order.

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