Setting the miter limit

When two lines meet at a sharp angle and form a spike that extends beyond the intersection of the lines, the miter limit controls when the application switches from a mitered (pointed) join to a beveled (squared-off) joint.

Setting the miter limit determines the end shape of two intersecting lines.

1 Select the object with the Pick tool.

2 Open the Outline Tool flyout, and click Outline Pen Dialog.

Lines Miter Limit

To set the miter limit

1 Click Tools, Options.

2 In the list of categories, click Workspace, Edit.

3 Type a value from 5 and 45 degrees in the Miter Limit box.

• Any corner that is less than the Miter Limit will have a beveled

(squared-off) point. Corner joints above the limit will come to a mitered (sharp) point. This limit prevents corners from extending far beyond the actual corner at small angles, such as when a text character comes to a spike, for example, in the letter "M."

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