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CorelDRAW lets you control the default settings of your drawing tools. The options of the Freehand and Bezier tools such as Auto-join, Freehand and Autotrace tracking, Corner and Straight Line Threshold, can be preset only through the Options dialog box. The Auto-join option determines how close two end nodes must be to join automatically.

The Freehand Tracking option determines how closely a freehand curve matches the movement of the mouse. The Autotrace Tracking sets the accuracy of the Freehand and Bezier tools' bitmap autotrace function.

The Corner Threshold option sets the limit at which a corner node is cusped (as opposed to smooth). Through the Straight Line Threshold option, you can set the amount at which a line can deviate from a straight path and still be treated as straight.

CorelDRAW also gives you options that help you pay attention to the details of your drawing. It lets you measure your values up to six decimal places. You can preset the constrain angle at which the object turns per rotation. When using dimension lines in your drawing, you can set the scale to measure distances that represent real world distance values.

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