Setting up a print job

You must select and properly configure the appropriate printing device driver before you print. Consult the printing device manufacturer instructions, the Windows documentation, or the service bureau or printing shop that will be printing the work to find out the best way to set up the printing device driver.

When setting up a printing device, it is important that you know the size of paper on which you are printing. If the print job is larger than the paper on which you are printing, you can "tile" the work so that it is spread across several pieces of paper or media. You can then assemble the separate pages to create a single sheet.

You can control which parts of a document to print. You can print specific pages, objects, or layers. You can also choose to print more than one open document at a time.

Collating is useful when you are printing multipage documents. You can specify the number of copies you want to print and whether you want them collated. If you enable the Collate check box, a complete copy of each document is printed before the next copy is printed. If collating is disabled, all copies of the first page are printed before copies of the second page are printed, and so on.

Before printing a document, you can use Preflight to help reduce errors. Preflight analyses a print job before printing, and generates a report that states the things to be aware of before printing and proposes a solution.

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