Shaping basic objects

Once you have created basic objects, you can use a number of tools, buttons, and commands to change the shape of the object. For example, you can use the Shape tool to round the corners of a rectangle or shape an ellipse into an arc or a pie-shape.

To shape a polygon or star, you can use the Polygon/Star button to switch from polygon to star and from star to polygon. You can use the Sharpness slider to adjust the sharpness of a star. You can also use the Shape tool to drag nodes on the object. Nodes cannot be moved individually. Instead, when you drag a node on a polygon or star, other nodes of the same type move in the same way. For example, if you drag a corner node counterclockwise, all other corner nodes move counterclockwise. This form of editing is referred to as mirror editing.

For example, a pentagon has 10 nodes — one at each corner and one on each side. All the corner nodes are associated and all the side nodes are associated. If you drag a side node towards the center, all the side nodes move towards the center. Also, if you add a node to a pentagon, five nodes are added (one on each side).

Pentagon Coreldraw

To shape a grid, you can ungroup the grid and then shape each rectangle individually.

If you want more freedom to change the shape of an object, you can convert it to a curve object. Once you convert an object to a curve object, you can drag nodes independently. For example, you can create an irregular four-sided object by converting a rectangle to a curve and then dragging the corner nodes independently.

If you want to edit a grid as a curve, you must first ungroup the grid before you can convert it to curves. Spirals are curved objects when created and can be edited as such.

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