Sizing and stretching objects

CorelDRAW lets you size and stretch objects interactively or with greater precision, depending on your preference and your drawing. An interactive size or stretch is one you do quickly and visually on screen, often using the mouse. A more precise size or stretch involves specifying numerical coordinates and values that tell CorelDRAW exactly how to change the object.

Sizing changes an object's dimensions by specific values, as opposed to scaling, which changes the dimensions by a specified percentage. For more information, see "Scaling objects" on page 278.

When you stretch an object, you change its horizontal and vertical dimensions to alter the object's proportions. By dragging one of the object's side selection handles, you can stretch objects in either a vertical or horizontal direction.

When you size an object, you can choose to maintain its aspect ratio. When you maintain the aspect ratio, you preserve the relationship between the height and the width of the object.

For example, if you draw a square that is five inches by five inches, and you double its size proportionally, the new object will be 10 inches by 10 inches. If you increase its size nonproportionally, you can change it to 10 inches by 20 inches (or any other nonproportional size). However, when you size an object nonproportionally you create a ratio between the X and Y dimensions which will affect any further transformations. If you want to revert the object to its original one-to-one proportions before transforming it again, you must disable the Non-proportional check box, then re-enter the equal values.

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