Skewing objects with precision

You can skew objects by a specific amount. By default, the skew anchor point is at the center of the object.

To skew an object with precision

K I Select the object with the Pick tool.

St! 2 Open the Shape Edit flyout, and click the Free Transform tool.

3 Type a horizontal value in the top portion and a vertical value in the lower portion of the Skew Angle boxes on the Property Bar.

4 Keep the cursor in one of the Skew Angle boxes, and press ENTER.

To change an object's skew anchor point

1 Select the object with the Pick tool.

2 Click Arrange, Transformation, and click the Skew button.

3 Click an Anchor Point check box to assign an anchor point.

The check boxes correspond to the eight selection handles and the object's center.

4 Click the Apply button.

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